The IDHMC has participated in a number of local conferences this spring, including the Texas Digital Humanities Consortium Conference held at the University of Texas at Arlington as well as the Texas Conference on Digital Libraries at the University of Texas in Austin.  Project Director Liz Grumbach gave posters at both conferences, one that focused on the ARC software tool TypeWright and the other on full-text searching for EEBO (Early English Books Online) texts now possible through the work of the eMOP project.  Lead Software Applications Developer Matt Christy gave papers at both conferences, one with Jennifer Hecker that discussed the eMOP project and its potential utility for OCR-ing fanzines, and the other that reported the findings of the eMOP project and explored potential opportunities for future OCR development and implementation.  Finally, Postdoctoral Research Associate Timothy Duguid had posters at both conferences, one that introduced BigDIVA (Big Data Infrastructure Visualization Application) as a research alternative to more traditional search engines and one that showcased BigDIVA’s ability to turn searches into research.

IDHMC at Local Conferences