The Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture (IDHMC) was established as part of one of eight IUMRI’s or Landmark Research Areas to receive major university funding as part of its Academic Master Plan.

IDHMC Center Goals

As the IDHMC has developed, it has become clear that we cannot be all things to all people. To make the most of our limited resources, we need to define our research and organizational strengths so as to invest our time, energy, and funding strategically. Therefore, the IDHMC will focus on these four goals:

  • Identifying and developing our research strengths. We wish to become the primary international center for digital research with humanistic data through the 19th century, with special emphasis on the early modern period and the 19th century. We pursue this goal through ARC, our signature project.
  • Targeted project development. In addition to ARC, we cultivate digital projects that are likely to attract external funding, and that extend or complement our existing research tools and data sets. When researchers approach us with projects that do not fit these criteria, we direct them to other resources on campus or in the digital humanities community. We will work with other units on campus to expand TAMU’s capacity to develop and sustain a thriving digital humanities research community.
  • Education and outreach. We expose TAMU to cutting edge research in the field of digital humanities by making our research visible to TAMU faculty, staff, and students, and by enriching the intellectual life of TAMU community through workshops, speakers and events that are open to all. We also share our work with the broader academic community through our publicity, conference presentations, and publications.
  • Training and professional development. We facilitate technology training and professional development for TAMU faculty, staff, and students through our sponsorship of DHSI, and through the opportunities we provide for undergraduate and graduate student interns and research assistants. All members of project teams are encouraged to share the results of their work at IDHMC through presentations, papers, and workshops.

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