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November 2022 Lena Cowen Orlin’s The Private Life of William Shakespeare wins the Roland Bainton Prize for Literature The Private Life of William Shakespeare, by Lena Cowen Orlin, was awarded the Roland Bainton Prize for Literature by the Sixteenth-Century Studies Conference. The


BigDIVA (Big Data Infrastructure Visualization Application) is a dynamic environment for browsing, searching, and interacting with the ARC (Advanced Research Consortium) catalog. This interface allows users to view all their search results at once rather than paging through endless lists of

Digital Donne

DigitalDonne and the Donne Variorum are among the first Digital Humanities projects created by Texas A&M University faculty, students, and staff. The DigitalDonne resources contains interactive digital editions of Donne’s poems, multiple manuscripts, editions of prose works, and more coming


TypeWright is a tool for correcting the text-version of a document made up of page images.  These text-versions are crucially necessary: they are what enables full-text searching, datamining, preserving, and curating texts of historical importance.  Right now, the text running behind