These funds support the formation of multidisciplinary digital humanities grant-writing groups with grant application submission(s) as the expected outcome.  Grant-writing groups may consist of up to five TAMU faculty members and include participants across colleges and/or departments.  Participants must commit to attending 4 to 5 grant-writing meetings during the Spring 2019 semester or Fall 2019 semester.  The participants are required to meet during their agreed upon meeting days/times.  Each participant receives a $500 bursary to be awarded after the final meeting.

Spring 2019 Semester Application Deadline is November 1, 2018
Fall 2019 Semester Application Deadline is April 1, 2019

To apply complete and submit the Seed Grant Application form and include the following:

  • Grant-Writing Topic
  • Description and purpose
  • List participants (up to 5), provide names, colleges/departments, and emails
  • List grant(s) for submission

Reporting for Seed Grant includes:

  • Schedule of grant-writing group’s meeting days/times (4 to 5 meetings required)
  • Copy of grant application notification, upon submission
  • Copy of grant award notification; if applicable
  • Copy of resulting publication(s); if applicable

Please address questions and applications to Nancy Sumpter (