The IDHMC (Institute for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture) wishes to support scholars in a wide range of academic disciplines including literature, history, art and architecture, archaeology, communications, and computer science researchers who are creating new scholarly, poetic, artistic, and musical forms.  We are offering two kinds of fellowships this semester as well as support for working groups and collaborative teams:

  1. Three larger fellowships of $5,000 each for faculty conducting projects: this amount may be spent on special equipment and software to be hosted here at the center.  Our staff will set up a workflow for you and train you to use the equipment and software that you need.  You may propose to do projects without knowing what kinds of equipment/software you will need: you may but are not required to submit an equipment budget with your 5-page, double-spaced project description.  Faculty should feel completely free to write up what they imagine, describing wildly ideal research platforms: we can figure out what can be done to accomplish this work.  We will provide programming and data-entry help as well.
  2. Collaboration grants: Faculty who contact another faculty member in another academic discipline, someone with whom they have not collaborated in the past, in order to work on a project together, each partner will be allotted $500 for equipment and software expenses.  Up to 20 people can receive partner-grants, and collaborative teams may be larger than two people: the only requirement is that the members have not collaborated before and all are from different disciplines.
  3. Those who would like to discuss topics in Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture are welcome to start IDHMC-supported working groups.  While we do not offer money at this time, we can:
    1. Host meetings in the Digital Humanities Lounge, 246 Blocker: please see the calendar for available times at
    2. Provide refreshments for meetings;
    3. Host for your group a drupal commons site that allows sharing documents, blogging, co-authoring, and communication (
    4. If any group would like to start a wordpress blog or drupal site, please contact us.
Call for Proposals—IDHMC Faculty Fellowships, Collaboration Grants, and Working Groups