The IDHMC is pleased to communicate two excellent pieces of job placement news from this Summer 2013.

Former graduate research fellow to the IDHMC, Dr. Matt Davis, has accepted a new position with North Carolina State University (NCSU). Dr. Davis joined the NCSU team this summer after being awarded a prestigious CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship for Data Curation in Medieval Studies. He will be charged with liaising between departments, faculty, and the Digital Libraries Initiatives (DLI) department at NCSU, collaborating on four different projects: the Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance (MESA), the Manuscript DNA Project, the Siege of Jerusalem Electronic Archive (SJEA), and the Piers Plowman Electronic Archive (PPEA).

We’re very happy to congratulate Dr. Davis on this excellent success, and we wish him luck and happiness in his new position!

The IDHMC is pleased to announce that our post-doctoral fellow, Dr. Jacob Heil, has accepted a new position with the Five Colleges of Ohio Consortium (Denison, Kenyon, Oberlin, Ohio Wesleyan, and Wooster) as their Mellon Digital Scholar. The position, which begins this fall, is part of a three-year grant that builds on the tradition of grant-funded digital initiatives in the Consortium. Dr. Heil will be joining the libraries for the duration of the grant, with the College of Wooster as his home base. He will be charged with helping faculty develop digital projects and aiding the integration of digital methods into the Consortium’s curricula.

For the past year, Dr. Heil has been the Project Manager for eMOP (the Early Modern OCR Project, which received over $730,000 from the Mellon foundation to improve the OCR technology for early modern printed texts). His book history expertise and interest in the digital humanities resulted in a fruitful year of learning how to manage digital projects, lead large interdisciplinary teams, and “build things” for the eMOP team. The IDHMC and eMOP teams are sorry to see Jacob go, but we wish him all future happiness and success in his new position.



Many congratulations to Drs. Davis and Heil, and we look forward to communicating more good news in the semesters to come!



Job Placement News – Summer 2013