Dr. Todd Samuelson, our eMOP book history consultant, recently completed his eMOP research trip to Amsterdam, Antwerp, and London. After intensive discussion and preparation with the eMOP team, he travelled to Europe in November 2013 to hunt for information and pictures of early modern specimen sheets. Specimen sheets, or type specimens, were circulated in the early modern period to advertise available typefaces for printers, and specimen sheets constitute a number of the OCR training that the eMOP team has completed over the past few months.

Dr. Samuelson has agreed to publish a series of blog posts detailing his research trip, findings, methodology, and some beautiful photos on the eMOP blog. The first post is entitled “Historical Typemaking and its Artifacts.”

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Dr. Todd Samuelson is Assistant Professor and Rare Books and Manuscripts Curator at Cushing Memorial Library at Texas A&M University. For the Early Modern OCR Project, Dr. Samuelson has been consulting on our early modern printers and publishers database, the structuring of our OCR training on specific early modern typefaces, and theories of font identification and research.

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