We’re very excited to announce that many of our IDHMC affiliated faculty, staff, and graduate students are presenting work at this year’s Digital Humanities 2014 conference in Lausanne, Switzerland. If you’ll be attending the conference, we hope you’ll support our TAMU and IDHMC work by visiting the below presentations and posters by our excellent colleagues.

DH14 is the international, annual conference of the Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations (ADHO), and more information about the conference can be found here.


Paper Presentations

Matthew Christy, Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna, Anshul Gupta, Elizabeth Grumbach, et al.

“Diagnosing Page Image Problems with Post-OCR Triage for eMOP.”


Matthew Christy, Todd Samuelson, Katayoun Torabi, Bryan Tarpley, Elizabeth Grumbach

“Book History and Software Tools: Examining Typefaces for OCR Training in eMOP.”


Anton duPlessis, Laura Mandell, James Creel, Alexey Maslov

“Distributed ‘Forms of Attention’: eMOP and the Cobre Tool”


Amy Earhart (TAMU), Toniesha Taylor (Prairie View A&M), et al.

“Digital Activism: Canon Expansion and Textual Recovery in the Undergraduate Classroom.”


Elizabeth Grumbach, Matthew Christy, Laura Mandell, et al.

“Navigating the Storm: eMOP, Big DH Projects, and Agile Steering Standards.”


Maura Ives, Amy Earhart, Liz Grumbach, Laura Mandell, et al.

“Student Collaborators in Digital Humanities Outreach and Advocacy: Strategies and Examples from the IDHMC at Texas A&M University.”


Gaurav Kejriwal, Richard Furuta, Ryan Olivieri

“Aiding Modern Textual Scholarship Using a Virtual Hinman Collator.”


Kathy Weimer

“Building A Gazetteer: Time and Place Within the Library Catalog.”

A presentation at the GeoHumanities SIG pre-conference meeting, July 8th.



Laura Estill, Luis Meneses

“Digital Actors’ Parts: An Interactive Tool for Learning Shakespeare’s Plays.”


Elizabeth Grumbach, Laura Mandell, Matthew Christy

“The Early Modern OCR Project: Fostering Access to Early Modern Cultural Materials.”


Laura Mandell, Timothy Duguid

“Liberate the Text! TypeWright, Cobre, and the AWL Editor.”


Noah Peterson

“Visualization as a Bridge to Close Reading: The Audience in The Castle of Perseverance.”


Sarah Potvin, Amy Earhart, Bruce Herbert, et al.

“How We Work: A Critical Approach to Program Development to Serve Library/DH Partnerships.”

Sarah Potvin, Joan Fragaszy Troyano, Lisa Rhody, Roxanne Shirazi, et al.

“Enhancing Scholarly Communication and Communities with the PressForward Plugin.”


IDHMC DHers at Digital Humanities 2014