This March 2012, the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture participated in its first Day of DH. We took some lovely pictures of projects, planning, and people, and we’re finally ready to share them.


 The IDHMC lounge is open for meetings, small workshops, events, and is also a place for faculty, graduate students, and staff to have coffee, talk, and read! We always have coffee, tea, and snacks as well as light (or heavy) reading to share.



PhD candidate and IDHMC fellow Matt Davis and IDHMC faculty fellow Dr. Amy Earhart discuss their projects in our IDHMC lounge. In this photo, they are discussing ARC (Advanced Research Consortium).







Every week in the IDHMC, our fellows, professors, and project managers get together to discuss their projects over coffee and tea.








Above Matt and Amy is a TEI Hierarchy Chart created by the fabulous Dr. Laura Mandell, the director of the IDHMC at Texas A&M University, for her bimonthly XSLT workshop – a precursor to her upcoming book on XSLT for the Humanities.






PhD candidate and IDHMC fellow Shawn W. Moore points to the wall of Digital Humanities in his office. Shawn created this physical visualization of his preliminary exam reading list in the Spring, and he is currently expanding it to visualize his dissertation project.






Here is the wonderful Dr. Krista May, Associate Editor of the World Shakespeare Bibliography and an IDHMC fellow, working hard on bibliography entries!







Project Manager Mary Farrington works with our IDHMC undergraduate interns! In this picture, Mary and Carly are working on data input and website maintenance.







Matt Christy, our programmer in the IDHMC, and Mary Farrington discuss the current contract work our Initiative is completing for our outside collaborative projects.






I’ll leave you with an excellent image of one of our project boards from March. The IDHMC is preparing for an exciting 2012-2013, and our contributors, students, staff, and faculty look forward to sharing more in the coming months.


IDHMC’s Day of DH 2012