The Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture (IDHMC) at Texas A&M University ( seeks a Lead Software Applications Developer to work full-time on IDHMC projects, with faculty on faculty-led projects, and with graduate students on their digital research.

The IDHMC is a vibrant Digital Humanities (DH) center. We are building software for research in big data on the big screen: we have a Humanities Visualization Space, a wall of screens, for which we are developing search, discovery, and visualization tools. Also, We are building an early modern data center: we have received grant funding to support research into developing Optical Character Recognition engines for early modern texts. IDHMC team members have had opportunities to work on cutting-edge research into OCR technologies and neural networking, data mining, and the applications of visualization on digital scholarship across the humanities and social science disciplines. Our Lead Software Applications Developer will have the opportunity to participate in external and internally funded grant projects.

Our lead technical person will work on teams with faculty members, librarians, technical and humanities graduate students, and others in the area of digital humanities (DH) to enhance and create grant-funded DH projects. He or she will support scholars in a wide range of academic disciplines including literature, history, art and architecture, archaeology, communications, and with computer science researchers exploring the state of the art in digital libraries, through knowledge of system administration of Linux servers, web-scale information storage and retrieval, OCR technologies, and Content Management System support.

Applicants with strengths in collaborative development, creative decision making, and system or infrastructure support are encouraged to apply.

Texas A&M University is an equal opportunity employer.

Please apply here:

Lead Software Applications Developer Position Available