The unfolding of recent political events in the United States sparked much debate around ‘fake news,’ disinformation and trustworthiness on the web. We hope to use these developments as a starting point for a broader discussion of how digital media has challenged and/or unsettled our notion of truth. The conference theme of ‘post-truth’ is loosely-defined and we welcome considerations of this topic from a wide range of perspectives: from the algorithmic to the philosophical. We welcome, as well, discussion of ‘post-truth’ as a notion reflecting a certain insularity and how questions of the ‘truthiness’ and the web resonate differently across the world.

Faculty at Texas A&M University participated in a live Around the World Conference on May 4, 2017 presented by the University of Alberta and the KULE Institute for Advanced Study.

The Post-Truth Panel at TAMU:

  • Alternative Facts and Digital Religion – Dr. Heidi Campbell, Associate Professor of Communication
  • Facticity and the Law in the Digital Environment – Dr. Sandra Braman, Professor Telecommunications & Media Studies
  • Inadvertent Fake News: Digital Results – Dr. Laura Mandell, Director of the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture
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    KIAS Around the World Conference: “Digital Media in a Post-Truth Era?”