Announcing the Spring 2018 Programming4Humanists continuing education course and online webinar beginning January 19, 2018 through April 27, 2018. Pre-registration is required. Registration opens on Wednesday, January 3, 2018.

Encoding and Analyzing Digital Editions (TEI, TEI Schemas, XSLT, Python, and Gephi)
This course covers the same material as the Fall 2017 Programming4Humanists course, but with additional sessions on XSLT.

Participants should be familiar with TEI (coding protocols established by the Text Encoding Initiative): for those who need a TEI refresher, three 1.5 hour videos introducing TEI are available on the Resources page, composed by Laura Estill and Laura Mandell. During the semester, participants will learn:

  • How to structure a digital edition for maximum usability and display;
  • How to customize a TEI Schema;
  • How to use XSLT to transform TEI documents into text files, other xml files (including new TEI versions), HTML with css, and spreadsheets for loading into databases;
  • How to use XSLT and Python for analyzing data and extracting entities for NetworkX and Gephi;
  • How to use Gephi.

By the end of the semester, participants will have a complete sample digital edition, viewable online, with textual network analysis for the edition completed.

The course syllabus, registration, and more information are available at Programming4Humanists.

Spring 2018 Programming4Humanists Continuing Education Course