DHUM (Digital Humanities) 601: Digital Humanities Theory and Practice

Digital Humanities (DH) is a relatively new field with considerable breadth of research methodologies and platforms. This course provides a graduate-level introduction to the methods and technologies used in the field of Digital Humanities, focusing especially on the history of digital approaches to the humanities and the use of digital technologies for humanities research, publishing, teaching, and communication. The first part of the course is dedicated to introducing students to DH tools, platforms, and methods—digitizing and encoding texts, data-mining, computational analysis, network analysis, mapping, and visualization–by completing guided digital assignments. The second part of the course will involve helping students develop a final project or paper focused on a topic of interest to the student. There is no disciplinary prerequisite, no extensive technical skills are required for the course, and no one disciplinary approach will be favored. DHUM 601 is a graduate-level course on the list of approved classes for the Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate. DHUM 601 is stacked with DHUM/ENGL/HIST 433, see description below.

DHUM/ENGL/HIST 433: Digital Humanities Theory and Practice

Are you interested in how computers affect our understanding and study of cultural heritage: literature, history, art, religion, philosophy, etc.? Do you want to learn how to use open-source software to analyze source material, make arguments, and present your ideas to the public? If so, this cross-listed course is for you. Whether you want to make more engaging class presentations, pursue a career that engages the public online, or develop technical skills that will set you apart, this course will help you do that. You will learn about how computers are used to conduct humanities research and the impact of technology on different fields of study. You will also use digital tools to visualize literary analysis, create digital maps, and analyze social networks. DHUM/ENGL/HIST 433 are stacked with DHUM 601.

If this interests you, sign up for DHUM (Digital Humanities)/ENGL/HIST 433. Fall semester 2021.

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